Leggings for Roux

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A Very Special Little Boy Called Roux is 1..

When he was just 1 Month old it was sadly Discovered that he had a Brain Tumour, he had his first Brain Surgery a couple of days later and the Tumour was the size of Two Oranges.. 

He has since gone on to have a further 8 Brain Surgeries and he still has another one to come. 

Roux is just amazing, he is such a little fighter a beautiful boy with a smile that is infectious!! 

His parents are just some of the loveliest and kindest people there are, in spite of all that Roux has gone through (the many trips backwards and forwards to hospital and especially during lockdown when these trips have had to be made with just one parent) they have found the time along with Many of their friends to raise a HUGE (and I mean HUGE) amount of money for the Hospital and in particular the ward that has looked after Roux during these tough times.

A fair few other businesses are working on raising money for Roux & his family.. as they deserve something special too.. 

So here's what I am doing..

Anyone that already follows me on Social Media will Know that Roux & his Big Brother Noah are Reps for Tiny Bundles, Noah having been a rep for 3 years!

You will all know that I do love an Exclusive fabric, ensuring that my fabrics are all stunning Quality Organic Fabric... So I've spoken with one of the lovely designers that I use and she has designed something amazing which I have had printed onto my usual Organic Cotton.

Roux Leggings are now available, with ALL profits going direct to Roux and his family!! I will not be making any money on these.

To learn more about Roux and the amazing money that has been raised, then check out RouxsArmy on Instagram.